In recent days, the Modus brand has unveiled two new products, and here they are:

Laser distance sensor (DS-03) with a very narrow 2-degree detection angle and an operating range from 2cm to 4m. The signal from the sensor is sent to the built-in relay with NO and NC contacts and generates the Art-Net protocol, and with the help of Wi-Fi you can directly control other devices using this protocol, such as light mixers, media servers, etc… The sensor is very useful for creating all kinds of interactive installations. Changing settings – channels, detection range is done through the sensor’s built-in web page.


More information:,3,18900,30943


WI-Fi LED bulb (LB-01E27RGBW), which can be controlled directly by Art-Net or sACN signal via Wi-Fi.
That is, we screw the bulbs into a standard socket with an E27 thread, the bulbs log on to the Wi-Fi network and already Changing the settings – channels, characteristic colors is done through the bulb’s built-in website.


For more information:,3,18600,30945