MADRIX LED control software gets better and better – what’s new in version 5.7?

MADRIX is, as you might think, not a company name, but a trade name for software and hardware produced by inoage GmbH of Dresden, Germany. One of the Geschäftführer, or members of its board of directors, is Christian Hertel, already known to us, who told us a little about the new version of the software for controlling lighting equipment in front of our camera. It has been numbered 5.7 – still in beta for the time being – and brings two major and several minor improvements..

OSC on board

We’ll tackle the bigger ones first. So, first, support for the OSC protocol has been implemented. Until now, communication with MADRIX was possible using DMX, MIDI or TCP, and from now on OSC is also possible. With this upgrade, the software’s range of applications expands. Importantly, commands controlling various parameters can be sent bidirectionally. In practice, this means the ability to create control panels from smartphones or tablets, as well as to manage the operation of the software, for example, using ETC consoles.


Functions for creating cue lists and timelines

The second innovation is actually filling a gap. Well, the functions for creating cue lists and timeline were already present in MADRIX, but the “link” between them was missing. The scheduling function fills it. This works on the basis of “actions,” i.e. commands to perform specific operations – in this case, placing cue lists on the timeline and playing them from there. According to the manufacturer, this opens up a wide range of applications in the field of architectural or event lighting.

As for improvements of a lesser order, an option for selecting a geographic location has been introduced, which takes into account the sunrise and sunset times at a given location on the globe. The other is a configuration registry, where various configuration files can be loaded.



The inoage GmbH is represented in Poland by Mediam, which organizes training courses on the use of MADRIX, among other things. The next one is expected to take place in May and will probably also cover new features of the software. The release of its final version is expected no later than the turn of the second and third quarters of this year.


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