School, exhibition, entertainment are increasingly talking about multimedia and interaction that should combine these elements in an interesting way.
Unconventional advertising, presentation of products in a multimedia and interactive way is rather a necessity today.

For the needs of such projects we have developed Art Control System which allows you to create freely scaled interactive installations and games.
The system includes software, controllers and a set of sensors responding to various stimuli such as heat, blast, weight change, touch, distance.
You can find ActionLab system for creating interactive mazes, ActionFX for 7D cinemas, moving floors, special effects, etc.
We also create complete interactive exhibits and “photo booth” type systems that allow you to print photos using QR code.

Our solutions work in many museums, interactive play centers and light parks.
Examples of our implementations can be found in: Museum of the Underground Market in Rzeszow, Funzeum, Cyberiada Space Fun Center, Alice in Wonderland light park in Cracow, etc.

Visit where you will find more information about our solutions. Didn’t find what you need? Call, write we will try to help.

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