Dinosaurs on the “Scena Jutra”!

We are not writing about ourselves and our senior colleagues in the industry 😊, but about the control system we presented at the “Scena Jutra”. Modus Art Control System is a set of controllers, sensors and converters for building interactive control systems.

It turns out that there is a growing interest and demand for compact “black box” type controls where the heart of the system is a dedicated controller and not a computer. To the esteemed audience we showed our latest laser detectors (range up to 8m, selectable tripping window within this range, radius only 2 degrees), converters from 10V to Artnet, sACN, audio player with relay, trigger and PWM backlight, and our latest baby MAX-08. MAX-08 is an advanced multi controller. On its board we have: 8 PWM outputs for controlling e.g. motors, 2x50W audio player, 8 trigger inputs, DMX input/output, SD card for audio files (MP3 or Wav) and LAN. The controller supports Artnet, sACN and includes a recorder. The MAX-08 was created to control dinosaurs, but is great for controlling any animatronics, displays of interactive small mechanical sets synchronized with sensors and sounds.

For more info on Modus controllers – www.modus.pl or write: trade@mediam.com