Mediam is a forerunner in the supply of laser solutions and, since 2004, the first Polish member of the ILDA (International Laser Display Association), an international association of companies dealing with laser systems in the show industry.
Our partners are the best laser system manufacturers in the world – Kvant from Slovakia and Pangolin from the USA.

Thanks to our wide range of laser systems, we have made deliveries to Energy 2000 clubs, the Copernicus Science Center and many event companies: Groda, Viva and Green Beam Design.

Parks of Light are a new trend of winter shows in Poland. We have developed solutions specifically for these venues that are undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of these places.
In one of the first gardens – Alice in Wonderland in Krakow – our 20-watt lasers were extremely popular.

Lasers are not only spectacles, they are also a powerful advertising tool.
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