LED effects lighting

Turn ordinary lighting into a unique visual highlight.

New energy-saving LED technologies such as strips, screens, 3D modules and illuminators open the way to create light scenes of any shape and size.

The control systems we offer, allow you to give new brilliance and dynamics to any light decoration, including existing ones.

Years of experience, research and development, have allowed us to create an unparalleled technology for controlling decorative lighting.
Using blast, touch, pressure, temperature, we can create interaction affecting colors and displayed animations.

The technologies we know enable us to paint objects with light so that they become a masterpiece and a spectacle from which it is difficult to take your eyes off.
We are always happy to work with architects and lighting designers. We also warmly invite anyone who is looking for support for their projects to contact us.

Our solutions have already proven themselves in such places as: Energylandia, Copernicus Science Center, Wieliczka Salt Mine and many others.
See a video of the light park in Krakow where our solutions worked – https://youtu.be/XmmK4-VInzc

Visit the channels and pages of the manufacturers of the best light controllers:

MADRIX – https://www.youtube.com/@madrix_team

ENTTEC – https://www.youtube.com/@ENTTECofficial

MODUS – www.modus.pl

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