Today we present: ENTTEC PIXELATOR MINI!

Pixelator Mini is a compact device for managing pixel light sources such as LED strips, pixel arrays or pixel lamps. It acts as a pixel controller that receives DMX or Art-Net signals and converts them into control data for pixel lighting devices.

The device supports multiple lighting protocols, such as DMX512, Art-Net, sACN (Streaming ACN) and ESP (Enttec Stream Protocol), allowing integration with various lighting control systems. It can also be programmed and configured using computer software provided by Enttec.

The Pixelator Mini has a network interface that allows it to connect to a computer network and communicate with other lighting devices. It can support up to 8192 pixels, allowing control of a large number of pixel light sources.

With its compact size and versatile capabilities, the Enttec Pixelator Mini is a popular solution in the lighting industry, especially for installations where there is a need to control multiple pixel lighting devices simultaneously.

Take a look at all its capabilities:,3,18829,30665