The MADRIX NEBULA directly connects to your LED pixels. This advanced SPI decoder receives control data over Ethernet network or USB and is built to provide excellent image quality.

MADRIX NEBULA supports over 50 ICs, each usually offering several frequencies. With regular additions to this list, you are free to choose the best available solution for any current, future, or maintenance work.

Quality Output Of 12 Universes
Each device drives up to 2,048 RGB pixels while ensuring responsive delivery of high-quality signals to each individual LED. You can choose the output protocol separately for each of the two ports.

Sync Mode & Daisy-Chain Support
MADRIX 5 and MADRIX hardware allow you to fully synchronize Art-Net data for all ports and across devices to get an optimal image on the LEDs without visual interruptions. 2 Ethernet ports allow linearly daisy-chaining several devices together.

Art-Net / Streaming ACN / USB
Network data is directly converted to SPI without the need for an additional interface. Reliably distribute data from any compatible software or hardware controller. In addition, simply connect to MADRIX 5 over USB.