Today, ENTTEC announced the discontinuation of the ENTTEC D-PRO series.
What does this mean for the user?
– Product availability: With immediate effect, the ENTTEC D-Pro series will no longer be available for purchase.
– Technical support: Technical support for the ENTTEC D-Pro will be available for a period of 6 months.
– Updates and Compatibility: No new updates will be released, but the ENTTEC D-Pro will continue to work with existing software and hardware configurations. However, ENTTEC recommends that you familiarize yourself with newer product offerings to take advantage of the latest advances in lighting control technology.
– Replacement options:
ENTTEC EMU – For those who want to integrate their dmx lighting with music,
ENTTEC ELM – For those who plan on LED mapping.

Both of these programs have a free trial version available for download.