Report from PROLIGHT+SOUND Event!

Prolight and Sound 2023 – Half of the Fair is over, the Fair bigger as last year, but still far from those before the pandemic. Enjoy our coverage of the event!


At the Capture booth we met many people from Poland, you can see a growing interest in a professional approach to events and design.

Important for all beginners:
Capture provides a fully functional STUDENT version for free.
Of course there are limitations in the available libraries and the number of outputs, but for a start this is no barrier.
Download the STUDENT version to learn: Download Capture


Anyone who has installed a system with several projectors and made them into a single image knows how “cool” it is to set up a soft edge ☹.

Vioso is undoubtedly a leader in automating the image calibration process with cameras. The growing popularity of immersive video projections indicates that there will be more and more projects of this type. Immersive Van Gogh or Immersive Monet exhibitions are good examples. Vioso system is also an indispensable tool for creating images in all kinds of flight, game or battlefield simulators. More info at


LEDs, LEDs, LEDs everywhere.

Madrix – a leader in the production of LED control systems has shown the latest version of its software. Version 5.6 adds super features for a global color library.

Anyone who has designed effects in MAdrix knows how cumbersome it was to set colors for each effect separately.
Super feature! Madrix Team – Thank you!
And one more good news Madrix Nebula with new firmware will support 6 lines on each output – will it be possible to control 12 Artnet lines altogether from one controller!



Everyone who visits the Kvant booth is left long impressed by something extraordinary. The laser light, its colors and mystery coming from the best equipment in the world is something that also evokes unforgettable emotions in us after 20 years of working in this industry.

The most besieged booth at the Fair is this one.

Below you can find more photos from our stay at this event!