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MEDIAM on Audio Show 2014

Audio Show 2014 is behind us. This event, as usual, had a great interest of visitors. Officially, everyone already say that this is one of the best exhibitions of this kind in the world - often comparing it to the High-End Fair in Munich.

This year's exhibition was held on 8th and 9th November, as usual in three hotels: Sobieski, Bristol and Golden Tulip.

This year we decided to make a change. We moved from a small room on the 6th floor in “Sobieski” hotel to a more spacious boardroom named “Krokus” in “Golden Tulip” hotel.

The impressive turnout, great interest in our products and favorable evaluation from the public – these are aspects for which it was worth the trouble. Specially prepared by Mr. Tom Kwiatkowski repertoire of songs from vinyls perfectly highlighted advantages of Nottingham Analogue Dais turntable with Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge and excellent sound of Living Voice and DiValdi speakers.

DiValdi AMP 01 headphone amplifiers, in three different colors, were exhibited in the company of branded headphones (Audeze, Sennheiser, Audio Final, Grado). Amplifiers were presented at two stands, where one of the sound sources was a CD player - ATOLL CD400, and the other was the analog turntable - Nottingham Audio Junior with Ortofon 2M Black cartridge. Music of our sets for long moments attracted the attention of all the listeners, thereby confirming our belief about the proper selection and quality of the system presented in the exhibition.

On Saturday afternoon, we had the pleasure to host in our room, Mr. Kevin Scott, the creator of legendary brand on the high-end market - Living Voice and Vox Olympian set. Our guest was very pleased with the excellent configuration and connection of the system as well as the depths of pure sound coming from the speakers. Kevin tested DiValdi headphone amplifier for a longer time positively evaluating its sonic possibilities that finally became its first English owner :-).

In a similar vein, has spoken our guest from Japan, Mr. Nobumasa Mori, the distributor of Final Audio Design, who admired small DiValdi in terms of design as well as sound quality. We hope that this was the first person from the country of the rising sun, who really enjoyed this amplifier.

One of the curiosities of our exhibition was an offer of Ortofon cables. All associate Ortofon only with phono cartridges, which of course we presented in our systems. Here we had a surprise for visitors - accessories and cables that brings neutrality and spaciousness of sound.

The family of Ortofon cables is quite sizable. For the connection of the main system, we used our best models of our offer - Ortofon 7NX-SPIK-X1 Premium cables and Ortofon 7NX-AIC-X1 Premium RCA interconnectors. The absent should regret - great sound and acceptable prices for every budget!

During the fair, the visitors could listen to lectures about installation of cartridges, conducted by Mr. Waldek Łuczkos. As always, the lectures had an extraordinary popularity - during Saturday's edition the whole room was filled to the brim by audience. There was no end of discussion after the official part of the lectures. This means only one thing, that the next edition of the Audio Show definitely have to take for 3 days to allow all willing people to attend these lectures.

During the fair, we talked to audiophiles who complained that they do not have too many opportunities to become more familiar with our offer. If you think that our offer and technical expertise is so interesting and noteworthy for wider audience, talk to the owners of audio shops in the area to invite us for a special presentation for selected guests.

Thank you all for your interest and visit in our room. We promise that next year we will appear on the Audio Show (hopefully in the same place) and our exhibited product range will be even greater and more attractive to visitors. See you next year!

We can unveil the mystery and say that during next year's Audio Show you will be able to listen to the legendary speakers - Vox Olympian.

Meanwhile, please take a look at photos from this year's event.

Mediam Trade Team