Projecting (correctly, of course!) an image on a flat surface, such as a screen or a wall, using two or three projectors and the soft edge technique is a task that may not be completely trouble-free, but is certainly relatively easy. But if the projection surface is shaped like a cylinder, a dome or some completely irregular shape, and we would like to – naturally – avoid any distortion of the projected image, then the stairs begin. Without the use of appropriate tools that will properly shape and adjust the image from individual projectors in such a way that the final image retains its original or intended form, it will not work. One such tool, in the form of software – actually an image mapping and projector calibration system – currently available in versions 6 and 6 SIM, has been developed by Vioso, a company operating in Germany.

Take a look at a short video from Prolight & Sound 2023 on the VIOSO brand: