The creators of RESOLUME have something for all effects lovers.
They have extracted 7 effects from Wire and compiled them for Arena and Avenue.
This means that you can install these effects without having Wire.
The downloads can be found at the bottom of this post.

Requirements and installation

  • Requires Resolume 7.18.2 or later version.
  • Download the effects and run the files one at a time.
  • An Arena/Avenue window will open asking if you want to install the effect.
  • Now you will find the effect in the effects panel.

Smooth Transform
The Smooth Transform effect works like a regular transform, except for the transition between values. It allows smooth scaling and translation. The best part is that you can set the amount of smoothing.

Screen Shake
Let’s go boom-boom in rhythm and shake the entire output.
This effect allows you to temporarily distort the content.

This effect is a one-stop shop for all feedback-related spells.
Once the material is highlighted, you can pan, scale and change the tint of the feedback for truly amazing results.

Slit Scanner is another feedback-based effect that allows you to sample a single piece of content and repeat it endlessly to the end of the screen. This is similar to putting your hand under the scanner and moving it around while scanning.

This effect comes directly from Wire’s tutorial on creating distortions.
At first glance, this effect allows you to distort content in the horizontal or vertical axis, but as soon as you apply smoothing and rotating, a whole world of distortion effects opens up to you.

Space Warper
We’re not 100% sure Hawkings would approve of this effect, as it curves space and time! Use at your own discretion.

This effect lowers the quality of the colors and image for a lo-fi look.

This is a customized version of the VHS example in Wire.
This effect gives the material a VHS look by adding scan lines, slight distortion and chromatic aberration. It also works with the vignetting effect!

Total Visual Annihilation
This effect wreaks absolute havoc on the material.
TVA is here to murder your pixels, eat your colors, crush your animations and spit out dirty glitches until your eyes start to bleed.