On Wednesday, 20.03.2024, a meeting took place – inspired by the circle of lovers of “Muzyka spod igły” Wojtek Padjas, in the room of the Theater of the Cracow University of Technology, of course, in Cracow, Kanonicza 1. To participate in this meeting we were invited as creators of good sound, namely DIVALDI from Mediam sp.zo.o. company.

For the presentation of vinyl records – and spoken word which Wojtek Padjas conducted, a system was lent :

DIVALDI monitor speakers – model MS-01,
DIVALDI power amplifier (from the new series, working in cl.A) – model PA-01,
FASE (Fabio Serblin) preamplifier with phono input,
Turntable by Nottingham Analog – Space Deck model with 10′ arm,
MM-type phono cartridge from Audio Technica – model VM750SH,
Cabling by Ortofon,
Audio table by DIVALDI,
The latest headphone amplifier from DIVALDI – model AMP-05,
Headphones from Sennheiser – model HD-800,
Microphones and their sound system – existing in the theater,

In the organizational part, the owners of the theater also played a huge role – providing the venue, as well as participating in the audience, namely Mr. Piotr Romanczyk from the Cracow University of Technology. On the part of our humble author of Music from under the Needle – Mr. Jakub Meissner was responsible for the media and organizational part. From the Mediam company, Mr. Waldemar Łuczkoś was invited to operate the DIVALDI equipment.

The meeting was held, of course, with a full audience (we ran out of seats at one point).

Mr. Wojciech began with stories around the beginnings of phonographic history, the history of vinyl records, the behind-the-scenes of the production and realization part. Next to each vinyl record presented, there was a brief information about its creation, connoisseur uniqueness, and sometimes legend. It was possible to trace the artistic and technological progress in the production of analog records over the decades – up to today’s releases with the so-called “audio-philic air”, which, by the way, could be compared and heard live (!). “Air”, with which many amateur sound engineers struggle, not always able to capture it, tame it and keep it for themselves 😉. Here on this stage we’ve just managed to do that. That is, we are able to create things that skeptics debate for years about whether they exist at all.