MADRIX RADAR is a software that is used to remotely manage devices via RDM(Remote Device Management). It is a two-way communication for receiving instructions as well as sending feedback.

MADRIX RADAR offers automatic change of lighting channels, fully automatic monitoring of devices 24/7, sends automatic email messages and much more.

MADRIX RADAR supports all RDM parameters listed on the official ANSI E1.20 and ANSI E1.37-1 protocol specifications page by Art-Net (also an ArtRdm package). All fixed parameters (PIDs for Set and Get) are included, as well as specific parameters built in by the device manufacturer.

Madrix RADAR is available in several different versions:

– Fusion Small,3,28042,28155
– Fusion Medium,3,28042,28156
– Fusion Large,3,28042,28157

They differ in the number of supported RDM devices