“Madrix Luna” is a dedicated hardware controller for controlling LED lighting in Madrix systems. It is a special interface that allows you to connect Madrix software to physical fiber optics, LED strips or other light sources. Luna acts as a bridge between a computer with Madrix software installed and the lighting devices.

Madrix Luna offers a number of advanced features and capabilities that allow you to realize the full potential of LED lighting. Here is some additional information about Madrix Luna:

  1. DMX multiplexing: Luna provides DMX signal multiplexing, which allows you to connect multiple light sources and control them simultaneously. This allows you to create larger and more complex lighting installations.
  2. Synchronization: Luna provides synchronization between different LED lighting devices. This means that you can synchronize the lighting effects on several light sources, creating impressive visual effects and smooth transitions between them.
  3. Support for various protocols: Madrix Luna supports various protocols such as DMX, Art-Net, sACN (E1.31) and DVI. This allows you to integrate the controller with different types of lighting devices and other control systems.
  4. User interface: Luna has a built-in user interface that allows quick and convenient configuration of lighting settings. Users can adjust effects, colors, speed and many other parameters through an intuitive interface.
  5. Support for different modes: Luna offers various modes of operation, such as effects mode (for creating and programming lighting effects), control mode (for manually controlling lighting) and real-time mode (for responding to external signals).

Madrix Luna is specially designed to work with Madrix software and is often chosen by professionals for advanced lighting projects.


This device has three versions:

MADRIX LUNA 4,3,18904,22133

MADRIX LUNA 8,3,18904,22134

MADRIX LUNA 16,3,18904,22135