Madrix Aura is a software for controlling and synchronizing LED lighting. Madrix is a popular system for designing and managing lighting effects in real time. Madrix Aura is one of the modules available as part of this system.

It offers a wide range of functions that enable creative and advanced control of LED lighting. Here is some additional information about Madrix Aura:

Layers and Pixel Maps: Madrix Aura allows users to create light layers, which enables independent control of different areas of lighting. You can also use pixel maps to determine exactly which pixels are assigned to specific effects or sequences.

Effect libraries: Madrix Aura includes a rich library of ready-made effects that can be used to create impressive lighting presentations. The library includes a variety of styles, such as rippling, pulsating, spinning effects, text animations and more.

Audio analysis: Madrix Aura can react to sound and synchronize lighting effects with music. Users can configure the audio analyzer to receive audio data from a microphone or other sound source and convert it into lighting effects.

Synchronization with other data sources: Madrix Aura allows synchronization with various data sources, such as visualizations, videos, animations and others. You can synchronize LED lighting with real-time content to create spectacular multimedia effects.

Sequence programming: Madrix Aura offers advanced tools for programming lighting sequences. Users can manipulate various parameters such as color, speed, pixel interactions and more to create unique and dynamic effects.

Madrix Aura is a versatile tool for professional light designers who want to achieve striking lighting effects and integrate them with other production elements. Thanks to its flexibility and advanced features, Madrix Aura enables the creation of spectacular light presentations that enhance the audiovisual experience.

The device is available in 3 different versions:

Madrix Aura 2,3,18903,30064

Madrix Aura 8,3,18903,28330

Madrix Aura 32,3,18903,30063