Enttec ODE mk3 is a tool for converting DMX signals to Ethernet protocol. It is mainly used in the entertainment industry, such as stage lighting, sound systems and visual effects.

The ODE mk3 allows you to control stage lighting using a computer or other devices with Ethernet connectivity. It acts as a bridge between DMX controllers and DMX receivers, allowing DMX signals to be transmitted over Ethernet.
The device supports both DMX512-A and RDM (Remote Device Management) protocols, allowing remote management of DMX devices. The ODE mk3 is also equipped with a 10/100 Ethernet interface for network connectivity.

An important feature of the ODE mk3 is its compact size and reinforced design, making it ideal for portability and use in various locations. It can be powered from both a power outlet and a USB port.

The Enttec ODE mk3 is a versatile tool for entertainment professionals who need a reliable and easy-to-use stage lighting control device.

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