The Vioso brand isn’t overly well-known, and that’s mainly because it deals with things that are very advanced and also highly specialized. However, if anyone is familiar with it, it is probably in connection with projector auto-calibration software. What does such a process yield? Anyone who has at least once tried to assemble an image from at least two projectors knows that it is not an easy task. Not to mention a larger number of them. Especially when the projection surface is not simply a flat screen. And this is where Vioso’s software comes to the rescue, which makes the operator’s task come down to adjusting the lenses on the projectors and clicking a single button.

Using a computer and a camera connected to it, the software makes the necessary calculations, based on which it adjusts the partial images to create one coherent one. It already has quite a long market tenure, so Vioso decided to set out to conquer new territories. EXAPLAY is a new software media player, which it unveiled during its presence at ISE 2024.

According to Vioso representative Benjamin Fritsch, of course one may wonder why anyone would need such software when highly sophisticated media servers like Disguise and Pixera have long been available. Well, however, the old adage mentions that in order to hunt a sparrow, you don’t have to shoot it with a cannon. In other words, not every situation calls for such sophisticated – and rather expensive, let’s admit it – solutions.


Exaplay is perfect for immersive spaces and projections, where, for example, different images are to be displayed on different walls. And it does so with high efficiency, handling audiovisual materials with resolutions even exceeding 8K, at a refresh rate of 60 Hz, based on the latest codecs like NotchLC. These materials can be mounted on separate timelines or played back according to cue lists, in sync or completely independently.


The user interface is fully browser-based and allows convenient operation of the program, while allowing integration with existing environments – both media servers and 3D rendering engines, such as Unreal. As an option, an auto-calibration function can be implemented on board Exaplay.






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