Courtesy of the HiFi Station showroom in Krakow, Poland, on February 9 we had the pleasure of meeting a group of audiophile friends, listening to our latest Divaldi PA-1 amplifier and the opinions of an esteemed group of listeners.

Fitting and configuring the whole system took us a while, but no one complained and it was probably worth the wait. The set up consisted of devices such as a TEAC line-level preamp, a TEAC phono preamp. The analog source was a Nottingham Analog Space Deck turntable armed with an Audio Technica cartridge (VMS 750 SH). The digital source was a Teac VRDS-701 player and network player. Soyaton lent and supplied cabling for the power supply, signals and speakers. The amplifier drove Perlisten R7t speakers.
The music, of course, was from vinyl – because how else 😊. Out of curiosity, the next day we plugged in speakers from a different price range and what happened? with the attractive price of the speakers, our amplifier gave them wings!

How to sum it up. We would like to thank everyone very much for the pleasant time spent, for all the comments, constructive advice and flattering opinions of our new amplifier. Such meetings reaffirm our belief that we are going in the right direction 😊.

If you have a listening room to which you can invite your friends and audiophiles, we will be happy to come to you as well. For us, all your comments are very valuable and we will be happy to incorporate them into our equipment to produce even better equipment thanks to you.