Yesterday, the latest version of Capture software, designated 2024, was unveiled, and there are a lot of interesting new features.

What’s new in Capture 2024?

Capture 2024 delivers on many highly requested features and brings more power to the user.

By introducing the “My Licences” page on the website users can now self service their licence installations and move between computers. With the new connectivity status window all protocols discovered on the network can be reported which makes configuring and troubleshooting easier. Apart from PDF import it is now possible to import images, and also scale them. On top of this the new scale mode can scale imported objects by basing it on a known imported distance. Plots have now been enriched with the ability to add a report into them, and also a brand new grid plot inset for easier measurement reference. Visualisation quality has also increased with improved beam sampling and other fixture enhancements.

Last but not least one of our favourite highlights is the animated objects that can now be imported as glTF objects, and will breathe more life into your projects and presentations.

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