Resolume is formed by Edwin de Koning and Bart van der Ploeg along with Tim Walther, Menno Vink, Danny Van Swieten, Sander Cox, Andreas Lo-A-Njoe, Zoltán Pálffy, Christoph Löbel, Stijn Frishert, Julian Hofmann, Mark Buitenwerf, Martijn Otto and a team of specialized freelancers.

Resolume was born because its creators wanted VJ. But they wanted to do it better. In 1998, VJ-ing was done with VHS tapes and a mx50 video mixer, so it was difficult to quickly improvise video to music, because the tempo could not be adjusted or even reversed. Effects were limited to what the mx50 had to offer. They couldn’t find any VJ software that did what they wanted in 1998, so they started programming their own. They have been working on Resolume full-time since 2002.

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